Attention: "Social Leaders on a mission to be agents of change in Society"

If you know in your heart that your call is to be a "Social Leader on a mission to be an agent of change in Society"

and you want to be heard and be seen

You are not alone!

“Jumpstart your L.I.F.E.”

(Live Interactively and Fully Energized)

 as the LEADER you are meant to be

You are in the right place if you are:

–          Tired of working too hard

–          Frustrated by not having the right support you need

–          Disappointed with your  results

–          Overwhelmed by the amount of hours you work

–          Losing the love and support of your family

–          Feeling like you have forgotten how to have fun


You are not alone!


I am Esther Coronel de Iberkleid – “The Clarity Mentor” and “Life Changing Coach”.

I am committed to help “Social Leaders on a mission to be agents of change in Society”  like you to find balance, clarity and confidence

to achieve their purpose

I myself went from “working too hard” to jumpstart my own L.I.F.E. and Live Interactively and Fully Energized to become a LEADER.

My Signature System Coaching Program is:


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Remember your life has a Purpose, you have a Mission, you have a Vision and you have a Passion.

I look forward to sharing my secrets with you!

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All the best, take care and much success along your Journey and Your Life Path.

To your successful L.I.F.E.,


Esther Coronel de Iberkleid
“The Clarity Mentor”
Life Changing Coach
“My Journey Toward YOUR success – The Magic Wand of Life”
“Transforming YOUR Life from the first Session” 
Cel: (591) 730 07479
La Paz  –  Bolivia 

Cel: (591)730 07479


La Paz – Bolivia


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